Stefano Lo Re

I think.

Often about Kant.

I obtained my PhD in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews with a thesis entitled
When Others Fail to Comply: Kant on Revolution, Self-Defence, and Lying.

I work mainly on Kant’s moral and legal-political philosophy. My main research goal at the moment is to lay the foundations for applying the principles of Kant’s legal-political philosophy to the human exploration of outer space.

I have broader interests in moral philosophy, political philosophy, and history of philosophy.


Published (peer reviewed)

Lo Re S. (2021). Provisional Might? Kant’s Exit from the State of Nature and the Instability of Power. Forthcoming in Public Reason.

Lo Re S. (2020). Publicly Committed to the Good: The State of Nature and the Civil Condition in Right and in Ethics. Forthcoming in Diametros. (Early view.)

Lo Re S. (2020). Non-State Peoples and Cosmopolitan Exit From the State of Nature. Estudos Kantianos, 8(1), 111-129. (Online version.)

Published (others)

Lo Re S. (2021). Supreme Power: A Neglected Source of Tension in Kant’s Views on Political Resistance. Forthoming in Serck-Hanssen, C., Himmelmann, B. (eds.), Proceedings of the 13th International Kant Congress, De Gruyter.

Lo Re S., Lo Re L. (2019). A Methodological Point and A Substantial Worry on Sayegh’s ‘Pricing Carbon for Climate Justice’. Ethics, Policy & Environment, 22(2), 135-7.
DOI: 10.1080/21550085.2019.1625536.

Under Review

Kant’s Second Duty of Truthfulness

A Kant-Inspired Duty Against Screen Overexposure

In Progress

Kant on Moderation in Defence of Rights

Toward a Pluralistic Account of Signs of Moral Progress

The Moral Worth of Actions Contrary to Duty (with Claire Field)

Rawls and Kant on the Limits of Political Obedience (with Saranga Sudarshan)